Guy stacks world record 518 Jenga pieces on single vertical Jenga block

Back in July, the official Guinness World Record for most Jenga pieces stacked on a single vertical piece was set by Tai Star Valianti with 485 pieces. Well that record is now poo poo, because last Tuesday Kelvin the Menga Man set a new world record with 517 pieces. And then just days later, his friend lamlei of Team Captain Noodles broke that record by stacking 518 pieces.

Neither of those were verified by Guinness, but there’s a time-lapse for both attempts and also is anybody actually worried about people cheating at this? Do they really need an official to stand there and make sure they’re not taking steroids or something? Just give these guys whatever Guinness certificate they hand out and let’s move on with our lives.

Keep going for lamlei’s 518 piece time-lapse and Kelvin’s short-lived 517 piece record time-lapse.
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