‘Addams Family Values’ is the only Thanksgiving movie you need in 2020

Thanksgiving is gonna be a weird one in the year of our lord 2020, where up is down, loving your family means staying the hell away from them, and watching a movie together virtually is probably one of the best ways to “gather” while still abiding by public safety guidelines.
But let’s be real: Thanksgiving was always a deeply cursed holiday from its very beginnings, a reality that mainstream discourse has only just now started reckoning with in a serious capacity.
One Thanksgiving movie, though, manages to embody both the bizarro-world chaos energy of our times and the twisted morbidity that underlies the beloved holiday — a heartwarming festivity with origins in ostensibly celebrating the genocide of Indigenous peoples by European colonists. That movie is 1993’s Addams Family Values. Read more…More about Thanksgiving, Streaming, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows
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