Demon’s Souls Devs Tease Hidden Door Secrets And Something Else In Cryptic Tweet

Demon’s Souls on PS5 is a remake, but one new element that has been added has got a lot of people talking. The game now has a mysterious door that no one can figure out how to open. Now, as players inch closer to discovering the door’s secrets, Bluepoint Games has tweeted out a teaser–one that could have a cryptic second meaning.The tweet in question, embedded below, is a postcard from within the room with “Wish You Were Here” embossed on it. But what’s really got people talking is the text alongside the image: “A symphony of rumors…”A symphony of rumors…@VaatiVidya, @maximilian_, @Distortion_2, @Lobosjrgaming, @avoidthepuddle, @KrimsonKB — Bluepoint Games (@bluepointgames) November 17, 2020This is a reference to another tweet, made a year ago, by the account. The tweet, embedded below, follows up “a symphony of rumors” with “not one, but two”. A Demon’s Souls remake from Bluepoint Games was rumored for a long time before the game was unveiled as a PS5 launch title. What’s the second rumor? It’s not clear, but the item behind the door could hold the key.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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